Dr Chris Elliot | General and Developmental Paediatrician


Dr Elliot is a clinician, educator and health communicator who has more than 17 years experience working and training in Medicine.  As a hands-on parent himself, Dr Elliot is committed to practical, useful health care and communication.

  • Dr Elliot trained through the Sydney Children's Hospital's Network Randwick.  He holds dual qualifications as a specialist in both General Paediatrics (the care of newborns, children and young people) and Community Child Health (developmental and behavioural medicine, public health and child protection).  
  • During his paediatric specialist training, Dr Elliot was awarded the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) Examination Medal in Paediatrics as the candidate with the highest examination mark in Australia and New Zealand.  
  • He currently works in both private consulting rooms in Hurstville, as a Staff Specialist Paediatrician at St George Hospital, Sydney and he holds an honorary Staff Specialist position in the Department of Community Child Health at Sydney Children's Hospital Randwick. 
  • Dr Elliot is Chief Investigator for the multi-centre Supporting Children with Complex Feeding Difficulties (SuCCEED) Study, aimed at improving the care of children with complex feeding problems
  • The SuCCEED Study is one of the first projects funded by the newly-formed Sydney Partnership for Health Education, Research and Enterprise (SPHERE) and includes parents and clinicians from Liverpool and St George Hospitals, Sydney Children's Hospital Randwick and Kogarah Diagnostic and Assessment Service, as well as researchers from the University of Technology Sydney, Western Sydney University and the University of New South Wales. 

Health Communication
  • Dr Elliot has written popular articles on child health for Fairfax and The Conversation.  His articles have been read by more than 700,000 people online.
  • Non-Academic Publications
  • In July 2016 Dr Elliot was interviewed by Sydney radio station 2UE about his experiences as a stay-at-home father. 
  • Founder of Paediatrics.Online, a free website to assist patients find safe, reliable information online.
  • Working for UNSW he developed an innovative module to teach fundamental clinical skills in paediatrics to junior medical students, which was presented at an international Medical Education conference.
  • He is an Instructor for Advanced Paediatric Life Support (APLS) Australia, and regularly teaches on advanced paediatric life support skills courses around the country.
  • As a member of the editorial committee and a contributor to OnTheWards.org, he is a part of the global FOAMed (Free Open Access Medical Education) movement.