Dr Chris Elliot | General and Developmental Paediatrician Sydney

  • Dr Elliot trained through the Sydney Children's Hospital's Network Randwick, and holds dual qualifications as a specialist in both General Paediatrics and Community Child Health.  This means he has specialist training in the care of newborns, children and young people as well as public health, child development and behaviour.  During his specialty training, Dr Elliot was awarded the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) Examination Medal in Paediatrics as the candidate with the highest examination mark in Australia and New Zealand.  
  • Dr Elliot has had research on new ways to teach medical students, child development, quality improvement and health screening for refugee children published or presented at international conferences.
  • Dr Elliot is a hands-on father: he and his wife both work part-time, doing their best to share work and parenting equally. 

Non-Academic Publications